"At the end of the 19th century, time of great migrations from Europe to the Americas, the Bishop of Piacenza, John Baptist Scalabrini, concerned with migration, founded two Congregations to accompany the migrants: the Scalabrinian Fathers in 1887 and the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters in 1895.

The first four Sisters, after the profession of vows in the hands of the founder, Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini, left for Brazil. Among them was Mother Assunta Marchetti to whom we owe the preservation and flourishing of the charism of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo-Scalabrinians. This is the reason why we consider her the Institute's Co-founder, along with her brother, Father Joseph Marchetti.

The Congregation of the Scalabrinian Missionary Sisters is today present in 27 countries, continuing to be a sign of the love of God among the migrant brothers and sisters".

Biography Mother Assunta 


Assunta was born at Lombrici di Camaiore, Lucca (Italy) on August 15, 1871. Left for Brazil as a missionary at the age of 24 and never returned to her homeland. She died among the orphans, as she had always desired, on July 01, 1948, in Vila Prudente, São Paulo/SP.


Mother Assunta is the co-founder of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo-Scalabrinians. She loved intensely her neighbors, especially the co-sisters of vocation, dedicating herself with tenderness to the care of the smallest among the orphans, the poor, the sick and the migrants, in diverse cities of the States of Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.


She was in the love of Jesus in the Eucharist, of the sacred heart of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom she found strength at all times in her humble missionary existence. She served always with humility as a cook, nurse, Catechist, local and general superior.


And, because she was a great friend of God and of the neighbor in need, we can invoke her for our needs.

The logo text of Mother Assunta 



The colors and shapes help us to set our mind and heart for this special event in our life as MSCS, the beatification of Mother Assunta Marchetti, our founder. The expressive style, simple and soft of the entire logo expresses certain characteristics of the Scalabrinian identity such as flexibility, universality, femininity.


At the upper left of the LOGO, the letter A of the word Mother and the name Assunta communicates symbolically as it  expresses the connection and participation of young Assunta who abandoned herself to God's will and became a Mother to many.


The birds that freely flies indicate the inner freedom of Mother Assunta which remind  us of the migrants who are “like the seeds being carried by the wings of the wind (Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini) are builders of a new humanity. Mother Assunta who was a migrant herself left her homeland, Italy, and sailed in the sea that foreshadowed to become and part of God’s larger design.


As the migrants migrate  by land, by air and by the sea towards their place of desire,  they begin their journey of hope, just like the waves that come back by themselves; transform and changes some of life’s dimensions and yet are willing to welcome.


The circle represents the Earth, the mother of all and the place of our mission. The circumference also recalls the Eucharist, the bread for the journey, that we make available the gift of ourselves to others, whihc makes us capable to be steward of the the world and the people with love and hope.


I colori che si fondono sono la vita di Dio che si intreccia con la nostra umanità, portatrice di doni e spazio per rispondere a Cristo nostra speranza, che ci trasforma e ci pone in movimento interiore ed esteriore. L’arcobaleno che nasce esprime le dimensioni della vita di Madre Assunta: la preghiera, la festa, l’ascolto, la dedizione.


The colors that blend represent the life from God that is intertwined with our humanity, bearer of gifts and space to respond to Christ, our hope, he who transforms us and locate us both in the inner and outer movement. The Rainbow that expresses the life’s dimension of the Mother Assunta: prayer, celebration, listening, dedication.


The blue, color of the sky, is the depth and profound God's love; Green,  a well-balanced color,  evokes hope to which we are called; the Red, symbol of life, is the colour of unconditional love and charity of Mother Assunta; the Yellow, invokes the divine light that describes the spiritual richness of Mother Assunta; all the White background  spell out the total availability of Mother Assunta to the will of God, a woman who remain in constant communion with God.


The silhouettes of children and adults which are shadowed with colors and in a dance movement reflects the love and welcome they experience, the certainty of God's Providence they witness with of joy that becomes contagious.


The feature. The determined, quiet and well - concentrated feature of Mother Assunta as she  looks far without disperse, she sees the needs of others whihc is sustained with confidence that holds all that is left.


"A great hope smiles on us!"